There is a rapidly growing amount of scientific literature out there to read in regards to using helminths as a therapy for autoimmune diseases. A good place to find an updated database of them is the yahoo group’s database (I think you need to join for access):

Click here for it.

Also check out the Open Source wiki on Helminthic therapy:

Studies – Helminth Wiki

And finally, there is a massive and comprehensive database of literature and scientific articles on the therapy, in a google doc that is open to everyone. Check it out:

Google doc database – Helminthic Therapy

I know diving into articles from scientific journals is nobody’s idea of a fun evening, it really is worth your time to read up on these. I have no medical or hard science training and learned a ton from reading through these–even the abstracts. There are some that are written in a more popular and understandable style, and others that are a jumble of insider jargon that I had no chance of understanding.

I do not recommend printing all these out and dumping them on the desk of your doctor or GI. What I do recommend is educating yourself the best you can, and NOT letting your doctor/GI/etc. get away with blowing you off. But be reasonable. A family doctor cannot be expected to be an expert on this still experimental therapy. I would hope that all GI doctors would have at least heard of this at this point, but you’d be surprised. My old GI was super dismissive of the idea when I brought it up, and when I confronted him with a huge pile of documents from mainstream journals like Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Gut, or Immunology, he was embarrassed and muttered something like “oh yeah I’ve got stacks of journals in my office, I, uh, really need to catch up on that.” I was not encouraged. That meeting ended quickly.


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