There are three companies from which you can purchase helminths.

Autoimmune Therapies (AIT)

This is also the company run by Jasper Lawrence, who is often credited as one of the people who made helminthic therapy accessible to the masses. I’m not affiliated with AIT in any way other than as a recipient of their services and product. The therapy, at the time of this writing, costs about $3,000, guaranteed for about two years. So, on this therapy, one can expect to pay just about $1,500 per year, which is extremely affordable compared with a year on Humira, or any of the crazy immuno-suppresants. Of course, this comparison is silly in a way, since insurance coverage does not cover helminthic therapy, but still.


This company is run by Garin Aggletti, who has also been involved in the early . I’m not a patient of theirs, but know many people who are, and they are very satisfied with the services from WormTherapy. They also provide both hookworm and human whipworm, for use in autoimmune therapy. I’m not sure exactly of their prices, however I believe them to be on par with AIT. You need to contact them for pricing.


**Essentially, for Americans at least, it comest down to where you live. You need to travel outside the country to obtain this therapy. For AIT, you need to go to Canada, where you can have it mailed to you from their lab in England. For WormTherapy, you travel to the border, where Garin meets you and takes you briefly across the border to do the therapy in Mexico, and then back to the USA. I also believe they now meet and treat patients in Cancun. So, if you live near Mexico, I’d go with WormTherapy, and if you live near Canada, I’d go with AIT. Both are reputable companies.

There is also company out of Germany, Ovamed, that sells TSO (Trichuris Suis Ova), also known as Pig Whipworm. I personally am not inclined towards this option for two reasons. First of all, they charge you $10,000 per year (yikes!). That’s just beyond my means. This therapy IS, to my knowledge either FDA approved or at least tolerated, because of its use in many studies by the folks at Tufts University. Here is their website:



3 responses

  1. Immunologica is providing therapy supervised by a Licensed Physician (not just the worms).
    Immunologica is based in Madrid Spain-

    The Spanish web site :
    The English web site :

    January 13, 2011 at 6:50 pm

  2. Ally

    Your information about TSO couldn’t be more incorrect. They chose the pig whipworm ova because of safety concerns. It’s only in phase I clinical trials. It had nothing to do with pharmaceutical companies. No pharmaceutical company is going to want to pursue helminthic therapy no matter who provides it.

    Immunosuppressive drugs will always be more popular because they don’t balance the immune system and they have more side effects which will then lead to more drugs and more money for the company.

    Furthermore, depending on where you grew up, it by no means contradicts the symbotic organisims- many people were farmers and I’m sure quite a few of them had pigs.

    April 26, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    • Hi Ally, thanks for the comment. As you should note, I wrote “my suspicion is” … not “my well documented and/or first hand knowledge.” There is a difference. I’m well aware that TSO was chosen for safety concerns, everybody who reads about helminthic therapy knows that. TSO was also chosen, again “I suspect” because university ethics boards would be extremely unlikely to allow Weinstock et. al. to use human parasites. In fact this is more than a suspicion, as this has been noted from multiple accounts.

      Trich suis is definetely worth money–they charge $10,000 per person, per year for therapy. That’s the same as Humira and other immuno drugs, how exactly is this different? Ovamed is not a non-profit!

      While I do agree that pig whipworm likely plays a role in the hygiene hypothesis, because they do not live inside humans for longer than two weeks, they cannot be seen as primary organisms. True, many humans were (and are) farmers with pigs, but hundreds of millions of people have never interacted with pigs, including massive blocs of the developing world where their religion (Muslim) or custom is not involed with pigs. Human parasites are a much better fit for the theory, and thus I would argue should be the primary focus of research, especially as they are not any more dangerous than TSO.

      I appreciate the chance to clarify though, thanks.

      April 30, 2011 at 9:01 pm

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