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Like this, there are a few blogs out there documenting helminthic therapy, and I’ve linked to all that I know of in my “blogroll” on the homepage. I highly recommend browsing through these, as some have been around far longer than me. Plus, you can search for blogs that match your condition, although most are focused on hookworm for crohn’s disease, there are a few new blogs for food allergies (also using hookworm) that are quite compelling to read.

However, the best resource there is available, beyond even the scientific literature, is the Yahoo Helminthic Therapy group. It’s been going for a few years now, and when I joined a year ago, had not more than 200 members or so. Now at almost 600, it seems to be growing rapidly. I read the message boards almost everyday, and it’s the place for keeping tabs on helminthic therapy, reading about others’ experiences for various autoimmune diseases, and asking questions. Here’s the link:


Reading is free, but to contribute or post a question, you need have a Yahoo account (free), which is easy to set up if you dont have one. Although, I admit the message board is a bit chaotic to just casually browse through, and the search function doesnt work as well as it should. Regardless, there are literally thousands and thousands of posts and answers, going back for a few years now. Any question you might have has almost certainly been addressed multiple times there, so look first, and if you still cant find it, then ask and people will likely be happy to help. To be quite honest, I hope some of the scientists working on helminthic therapy read the board, because there so much knowledge there, and is where the most vibrant discussions about helminthic therapy are taking place, outside of laboratories.

Another tip, if you really want to keep on top of all things related to helminthic therapy, if you have a gmail account, set up “gmail alerts,” for the term “helminthic therapy,” and you’ll get a daily email of anything newly published that pops up in the internet related. Sometimes its garbage, but I’ve come across fantastic articles and links this way.


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  1. you should also post a link here to http://opensourcehelminththerapy.org – it now has a wealth of information, especially under Links, Studies&Papers, and HT in the Media.

    November 28, 2010 at 8:49 am

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