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Anybody want to give/lend/buy me a microscope?

I know this is a total shot in the dark but… anybody want to give/lend/buy me a microscope?

No really, I’m broke and living on a grad student stipend, so I can’t afford one. But I’d really like one. I’ve been meaning to purchase a microscope for a long time, so I can keep tabs on my little ones by doing periodic measurements of their ova productions, by doing egg counts. Apparently egg counts can only provide general data–you can only get only a very rough estimation about population numbers, etc., based on egg counts. Still, it would a useful tool, and I think it would be interesting way to at least try to have some idea of what’s going on inside there. As any veteran helminthic therapy patient will tell you, one of the most frustrating elements to this therapy is the inability to know how many alive n kickin’ helminths there are inside, even roughly estimated.

Plus, I think it would be kind of fun.

I need a microscope like this, just a basic microscope with powers up to 100x (that’s the amount needed to be able to seem ova), I don’t care if it’s used, or if you stole it from your vet (actually, please dont do that). Maybe someday I can splurge on one of these microscope camera things and then I could post photos and videos online!

I’m serious. I get somewhere around 40-80 hits on this puppy per day, and figured someone out there has a microscope laying around that I can “borrow”, hangs out with scientists and/or geeks, or maybe one of you mysterious readers is rich and just wants to straight up buy me one 🙂

If you have any leads, please email me at:

Thanks, and keep on helminthin’