Two more newbies!

Two more new helminth blogs have started up! Go on over, bookmark their blogs, and wish them good luck!

Getting Healthier Now (using hookworm to treat UC, asthma, multiple food and environmental allergies)

Whipping Out Colitis (using human whipworm to treat UC)

I remember back in the day (a year ago) when I was the only helminth blogger using human whipworm for UC, and just one of a 3-4 helminth bloggers at all. I was so grateful that people had been blogging about their experience before me, which helped me realize that this was not some internet scam but a very real therapy with huge potential. I started this blog to ‘pay it forward’ so to speak, as well as have a nice record for myself. Plus, I enjoy connecting with others and talking about this therapy, and (eventually) do respond to all emails and posts.

One note: as bloggers writing about an experimental therapy, we all have a responsibility to be careful about what we write. Being clear that you are not giving medical advice and are not a doctor/expert is a given, but despite saying that, people give a lot of trust and expertise to those of us who blog by default. We all have a lot of anxiety about this therapy, a mix of desperation for success when things look good, and flipping to immediate despair the second something goes wrong. I like that some bloggers regularly write monthly (more or less) summaries to keep readers on track with what their experience has been like overall. It’s obviously interesting to write about your experience, but try to balance details with the long view–your readers want to learn about your experience, not read every thought or symptom you’ve ever had. I too remember when I first started I wanted to document every gut gurgle or perceived effect, but the therapy simply does not work like that (although it is good to write about the first month or two in detail, as people are interested in others’ reactions to the little guys). It’s one for the long haul, patience is key. Also, please be clear about the details of your therapy–how many helminths or ova you took, what date(s), which provider, etc., always useful. I get emails every week from interested readers, and am nearing 10,000 hits, so I do take my responsibility seriously with this blog, despite my less-than-serious parts that I include for fun. Thanks for reading & keep on blogging everyone!


2 responses

  1. thanks for these insightful comments. my decision to try HT was made easier by the growing number of bloggers, most of them ‘pioneers’ like yourself, telling their stories. you’re absolutely right about our obligations to be accurate, thorough, and to see the importance of documenting longer trends amidst the minutia of daily progress. three cheers for our comrade! 🙂

    TC — gettinghealthiernow

    June 5, 2011 at 6:05 am

  2. As usual, a very helpful post, Colon Comrade. A good reminder to be mindful of our audiences, and that it behooves all of us to steer clear of making careless statements. But, this is the internet after all, so there’s something here for everyone! This is even more true as the number of helminthic bloggers proliferates. I, for one, am blogging primarily to journal my emotional travails and to share info with concerned family and friends, so my content and tone are much different from that of, say, someone documenting every symptom in an effort to track efficacy of the treatment. A nuanced difference, but a difference, to be sure. And to that I say, “Vive la Difference!”

    June 10, 2011 at 4:35 am

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