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The Dr. Oz whipworm bump?

I just noticed that my blog traffic has jumped significantly over the past week, going from between 20-40 hits per day to 200+ per day, surprised, I then noticed that many users were clicking on the Dr. Oz post I wrote a while back. I guess the Dr. Oz episode on whipworm therapy must have re-aired?

Anyhow, just to briefly follow up my last post, my BMs have settled back down to normal after a day or so of diarrhea. I’m pretty sure this was part of the initial stimulation that hookworm do to the immune system in the first month or two of hosting them.


Post-inoculation update

It’s been exactly a month since my “top off” dose of 500 TTO and 15 hookworm larvae. I had gone on a three week prednisone dose just to blunt any side effects, but ended that two weeks ago.

Interestingly, yesterday I had my first real side effect–I think. I was feeling a tiny bit of nausea in the morning, and instead of passing my now usual solid BM, I had some watery D. Still, didnt feel at all like IBD-diarrhea, just normal D. I’m guessing. I’ve heard weeks 3-6 are often where hookworm can cause some upset, and also the one month period is where whipworm finish their maturation I believe. So I’m not too worried about it. Especially since I have not had any D since. I’m assuming that this side effects is a result of my new wormy comrades stimulating my immune system, which I’ve heard others report at this stage–as I’ve felt a bit run down, without any other symptoms.

Hopefully things will stabilize within a week or so.