Reinforcements are on their way.

In two weeks I’ll be getting a “top up” dose of some more comrades (whipworm). This is not, I repeat, not because I’ve seen a loss of efficacy, or because I’m feeling sick. Quite the opposite, I continue to have solid BMs and am feeling very well in the UC department. I’ve planned on getting a “top up” dose ever since the beginning, as all the experiential knowledge from AIT points to 1,500 TTO as just about the ideal amount for most people. I’ve only taken 1,000 TTO, and will add in another 500 TTO.

Most exciting for me, is that I’ll be adding in a small dose of hookworm as well, 15 larvae. I’m doing this for two reasons; aside from UC, I’ve long had other, less serious but still difficult autoimmune-related problems; specifically GERD, which has been bothering me for years, and Lichen Planus (probably related), which is inflammation of the inside of the mouth, and I frequently get lesions. I have even seen a slight (could be totally random and unrelated) increase in these non-UC symptoms since starting TTO therapy.

My experience with whipworm is that, at least with 1,000 TTO, I have not seen an effect on anything but my UC. Again, this is huge and wonderful, but I think it’s worth trying out a small dose of hookworm, as hookworm appear to have a more pronounced ‘systemic’ effect, while whipworm appear to have a more localized effect to the colon. Probably such a small dose, 15, will have little effect. So this is really just a test to see if I tolerate hookworm along with whipworm. If so, maybe a ways down the road, I’ll add in another 15 or so to get up to a therapeutic range.

Also, some patients who are using combination therapy; both hookworm and whipworm together, have seen very impressive results with both, so this is not too ‘experimental.’


2 responses

  1. Have you had your iron, ferretin, etc. checked? Might want to before adding more worms, just to make sure everything’s normal.

    March 15, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    • I have not had them checked in a few months. Maybe I’ll request an iron check. I’m feeling fine, but worth checking I suppose.

      March 18, 2011 at 3:10 pm

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