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There is a new forum on Facebook to discuss helminthic therapy, moderated by my friend and fellow helminth user Herbert Smith, he not affiliated with any company and is extremely well versed in helminthic therapy, both the science and as a patient who hosts both whipworm and hookworm. Because it’s a private forum (for the sake of privacy), Herbert needs to add you to the group if you wish to join. I think if you email this address he can do it. It’s open to everyone.

Or you could also ‘friend’ Herbert on Facebook–he adds everyone interested in the therapy is an excellent resource! Click here to add him:

On that note, here’s a comment he made recently in the forum that I particularly liked:
Here’s my problem with biological drugs(remicade, humira, cimzia, etc):

they completely turn off a major part of the immune system, the one that produces TNF-alpha. The problem is that same mechanism is the same one that fights infections and cancers. No one knows what kind of cancers it will cause after using them for 10 years, or for 30 years. Not even FDA knows that. It’s like fixing a fine swiss watch with a hammer. The human immune system is an incredibly complex mechanism that took millions of years to evolve to work well with our environment. So we went ahead and changed our environment in the last 80 years (namely got rid of a lot of beneficial organisms such as helminths) and now we wonder why that finely tuned mechanism is malfunctioning, and we are using a hammer to fix it. These autoimmune illnesses were almost unheard of before 1920. They still don’t exist in Africa – not Crohn’s, not UC, not asthma or multiple sclerosis. Really, look at epidemiology records. I have.
Helminths have evolved with us for millions of years – that’s the longest clinical trial ever. Our immune systems were designed to co-exist with them. Right now, today at this very moment – over 900 million people in the world have helminthic organisms. Humira has at most 10 years of trials and it was already implicated in infections and cancers.
I rest my case.

– Herbert Smith


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  1. I am enjoying this forum! Seems warmer hearted then the Yahoo one, and no commercial interests or moderation! Yeah! Thanks Herbert!

    January 15, 2011 at 5:07 pm

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