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Symptom update.

The real test, I knew, was going to come during the month of September, as I began teaching my first college course, and had to deal with the transition of going from summer mode into grad school mode. Usually this is a pretty chaotic and bad period for me, thanks to IBD. I’m happy to say that this year things have gone really smoothly, pun intended. Actually, my bowels have been totally solid for weeks, without even a day of loose stools. No mucus what so ever. I’ve even been constipated TWICE in the last two weeks, which I enjoyed mightily, I dont even remember the last time I experienced the thrill of constipation. I’m not joking.

A new and exciting element: I’m almost completely off all medication. I’m down from 750mg of Colazal per day to about 250mg per day, sometimes I dont take any. I’m trying to keep taking a very small dose each day, although will discontinue even this in a month or two if things are still so good.

Still, I want to err on the side of caution to those reading, my UC was never super severe, and although clearly this appears to be a huge and prolonged improvement for me since I inoculated, there is still the off chance that it is some kind of wild placebo-induced remission. Only with more time (and potentially more helminths) will I be able to be totally conclusive. Until then, more kind thoughts for my little comrades please 🙂


Helminthic therapy TV references.

Recently, a friend called me to let me know that Grey’s Anatomy had a helminthic therapy reference. I checked it out, unfortunately, this is NOT the kind of reference we need (see embedded YouTube clip). Although I think that is the nightmare that some people have when they think about parasitic worms!

A much better inclusion of helminthic therapy in TV shows happened on the show House, season 6, episode 7, “teamwork” in which House solves a man’s Crohn’s using helminthic worms–strangely he had zero trouble finding them! Maybe he’s an AIT patient 🙂

House episode can be watched for free here (for as long as the link is hot)

Reconstituting the depleted biome to prevent immune disorders

Excellent article, extending the hygiene hypothesis and “old friends theory” to what they term the “Biome depletion theory.” It’s good to know there are smart minds at work that support this potential paradigmatic shift in medicine and understanding the ecology of the human body.

Reconstituting the depleted biome to prevent immune disorders.