The morning after..

I’m awake. It’s 7:30 AM. I feel groggy, but that’s usual. I stand up, mentally going through a symptom check of my body. Everything seems ok, no green skin, I didnt grow a tail or sprout horns.

I’ve just had my morning bowel evacuation. No diarrhea. Thankfully, over the past two months by Ulcerative Colitis has been under control, and recently I had even been having almost solid stools, and only about two BMs per day. I’m so glad I didnt have to do this in the middle of a flare-up. Things seem pretty much like they were the day before. Quite undramatic actually. Now I’m headed to breakfast, I’m not hungry at all, but it’s free, and I’m not one to pass up free food. Eggs and toast, I should take it easy on my new guests.


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