Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Vial of approx. 1,000 whipworm ova, yum

It’s 10:02 PM. I’ve got an empty plastic vial in my hand, having just drank about 1,000 human whipworm ova. Threw it down like a shot of cheap vodka really, couldn’t help it, the reflex was still there thanks to my college days. No flavor at all. Just a very slight oily feel in my mouth. It was quick, I did not die, and there were no fireworks. For a brief moment in time I felt very strange, but quickly went back to being absorbed into some badly dubbed movie. I feel no side effects, not even a recognition from my body that anything suspicious could be going on. Although I was not currently on a prednisone regimine for IBD, I starting taking 20 mgs of the stuff the day before, in order to quell any potential reaction.

I admit I was somewhat nervous to go through with it, and I wish there was some kind of “user’s manual” or experience to read, which is in part why I’m writing this down today. For all their hard work, excellent communication, and personal sacrifice, the folks at AIT simply cannot provide me with the comforts of the medical system—24 hour “ask a nurse” phone lines, careful cautions on the side of prescription bottle, a 7 page fold out of all the “potential side effects” and cautions, drug interactions, time of day to take, exact dose, etc. No, somehow it’s better this way anyways, just a clear, unmarked plastic vial of translucent fluid. Aside from that, even in the final few hours before I drank the solution, I fired a couple last minute clarifying emails to Marc at AIT who, as always, quickly responded and placed me at ease. Although I have to admit, the final instruction to have no “cold or hot drinks” 2 hours previously or afterwards left my last dinner here with my companion rather awkward. While she savored red wine in the haze of the setting sun, I was sitting there rubbing a slightly cold glass of tap water in my hands, trying to warm it up to room temperature. Of course I recognize the silliness here, but damn it, after all this, I was going to do it right!

Now it’s midnight, still, absolutely no side effects yet. I don’t feel anything, not even a rumble in my stomach. I almost want something to happen, a gurgle, some nausea, anything to let me know its real. I’m going to go to sleep now. Goodnight, my new comrades. Sleep well because soon you must become warriors.

Hasta la victoria siempre! (until victory, always)


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